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Monday, February 27, 2006

Building a Bigger Road . . .

. . . to solve a traffic problem is like buying a bigger belt to solve a weight problem. Or so I've heard. Nevertheless, the state is ready to spend who knows how much money to build an elevated toll road
over the infamous B'ham stretch of U.S. 280.

It is not really B'ham, but several suburban areas. And the reason for the current traffic situation is the earlier expansion of U.S. 280 to six lanes and the construction of I-459 south of the city. The expressways encouraged people to move to the 'burbs. Those folks then clogged the expressways so that now, at rush hour, it takes an hour to drive ten miles.

Building a new expressway just starts the whole cycle over again. We will spend a bunch of money to get back to where we are right now.