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Friday, February 24, 2006

Intelligent Design comes to Alabama!

Well, a few lectures on it anyway. Open debate is always good, so I'm glad such a learned proponent will be discussing the subject here in B'ham.

Leaving aside questions about whether as a matter of policy ID ought to be taught in science classes, and whether as a matter of law it can be so taught, I have one central critique of ID. My understanding is that it essentially says life is too complex to have developed without divine intervention. The problem comes when we eventually figure out natural explanations for the things that now look irreducibly complex. If the complexity was the foundation of your faith, the natural explanation leaves you with two options. You can either deny the natural explanation, or you can lose your faith.

The problem, I think, is due to the assumption that natural causes and divine causes are mutually exclusive. I do not think God, nor nature, is that simple.