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Thursday, March 09, 2006

George Bush is an Atheist

Well, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck.

Remember Prof. Hamill? The Alabama tax prof who said Alabama's tax laws contradicted basic Christian teachings? Who endured the personal attacks of the Christian Coalition as a result? Here's a quote from the abstract of her most recent work:

the moral values driving the Bush Administration's tax policy decisions reflect objectivist ethics, a form of atheism that exalts individual property rights over all other moral considerations. Given the overwhelming adherence to Christianity and Judaism, I conclude that President Bush, many members of Congress and many Americans are not meeting the moral obligations of their faiths, and, I argue that tax policy must start reflecting genuine Judeo-Christian values if the country is to survive in the long run.

On Concurring Opinions, one of her colleagues has this to say:

Susan joined the Alabama faculty as a tax scholar in the mid-1990's. About five years ago, on sabbatical, she pursued graduate work at Samford University's Beeson Divinity School - not exactly a hotbed of liberalism. These recent pieces reflect a marriage of scholarship with personal passion. Not surprisingly, people from many perspectives can find ways to disagree with Susan. On the other hand, she exemplifies a professor who believes her scholarship must have practical consequences. I have tremendous admiration for both her work and the way she has chosen to structure her professional life.

I agree. Whether you agree with her ultimate conclusions or not, it is heartening to see an 'ivory tower intellectual' descend with her knowledge to help the rest of us.

Tax Prof Blog has more coverage, as well as links to her previous work, and scholarly (as opposed to 'oh yeah, well you favor abortion')responses.