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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Good Thing We Voted for Reuben

Because, and, as Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up, a group of fans has filed an FTC complaint against Clay Aiken' record label because:

[the] marketing, promotion and advertising of performer Clay Aiken presented a public image of a family friendly performer whose character was above reproach. This "clean cut" image extended to Mr. Aiken's sexuality, which although being the subject of much speculation, has consistently been presented as being heterosexual.

Recent media reports have revealed that Mr. Aiken's private behaviors and actions are vastly different from the manufactured packaged public image of Aiken that was marketed and advertised to consumers. This is both deceptive and misleading. . . .

This is tantamount to a manufacturer concealing information about a defective product.

That's right, advertising a performer as wholesome and family friendly when that performer may not actually be so vanilla is the equivalent of a car company not telling people their car's gas tanks could explode at low impact speeds. Upsetting the delicate moral sensitivities of people with bad musical taste 'is tantamount to' burning people alive in their cars. Perspective, please?

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