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Saturday, March 25, 2006

"I Am Not Drinking Merlot"

But I am drinking Turbo Dog. Finished the merlot about an hour ago. Listening to the Drive By Truckers. Memorializing this outstanding day by posting about it.

Awake about six. Laid in bed until sevenish. Got up, wrote a few posts, made some breakfast - mmm, breakfast burritos, mmm. Drank my coffee and listened to Car Talk.

Then packed lunch in the camelback, loaded dogosaurus in the truck and headed to Oak Mountain for the day. Hiked in the woods, enjoying the blue sky, blooming dogwoods and solitude.

Nine miles later, got back in the car and headed to the house. Stopped for an ice cream sundae.

Got home, saw LSU put the smack down on Texas - geaux Tigers. Then over to our best friends' house for dinner - mmm Alfredo's Pizza - mmm. There we had the merlot.

Now at home, see first sentence. Nothing on the schedule tomorrow other than mass in the morning and a good bike ride in the afternoon.

"I have to say it was a good day."