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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pork Busters

From the Montgomery Advertiser:

State Rep. Gerry Allen and Mike Ball and the Alabama Bicycle Coalition will lead the first Legislative bike commute at 8 a.m. today. Legislators and coalition members will start in front of the State House at Pelham and Union streets. The 4-mile ride will travel through downtown on Ripley Street and into Old Cloverdale. Then the group will travel back to the State House using a different route, said Jamie Miernik, president of the Alabama Bicycle coalition.Miernik said everyone is invited to participate and hopes that people will discover how easy it is to establish a safe route to work or school.

Biking to work is more than a great way to trim the fat. It is very liberating to get around without the car. It introduces you to your city; you just can't appreciate things when you zip by them at fifty miles an hour encased in a metal box. It is very pleasant to meander along enjoying the spring growth and saying hello to folks out jogging or walking their dogs. On the way home you burn off the bad work vibes and get recharged for the evening.

If I sound like an evangelist it's because I am. Everyone should ride a bike. We'd all be much happier.