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Monday, March 06, 2006

Religion and Politics

Two interesting stories in the Huntsville Times today.

First this one, entitled "Despite rhetoric, churches keeping political distance," offers some perspectives on how conservative churches balance political participation and religious independence. The church leaders all agree that they would never endorse a candidate from the pulpit.

But then we read this article, describing a church service where Roy Moore preached, "a sermon on the interlinking of faith and fatherland." Afterwards "Voter registration forms were available in the church foyer, as were hardback copies for sale of Moore's book, 'So Help Me, God,' which he autographed after the service for long lines of people."

To be fair, these stories involved different churches. However, I would bet dollars to donuts that when the folks in the first story say they don't endorse candidates, what they mean is that rather than use the word 'endorse,' they employ tactics like those described in the second story.

More on this later.