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Friday, March 31, 2006

Today's Censure Hearing

Here is an update. Did Jeff Sessions fight for our rights? Here are the reported quotes:

The "national spasm over the NSA wiretaps has had its run."

"Our President is an honest man. He is a candid man and the American people know it."

He also is reported to have said the motion for censure is inappropriate because it endangers our soldiers.

Senator, you are either a moron, a spineless lap dog, or both. In the face of a statute saying otherwise, the president has claimed unchecked authority to surreptitiously listen to our private telephone conversations. The best you can do is say trust him? You suggest we do not care about out freedom? You insult our military? How about investigating the president's actions and then taking appropriate remedial measures? Failing to even investigate is a betrayal of our nation's greatest ideals. (see this outstanding post).