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Thursday, March 09, 2006

We Have a Loser

When I first posted about the capture of the church arsonists I almost included a question along the lines of 'who will be the first person to take political advantage of this?' But I thought that would be too cynical.

Today, I read this (from this guy):

Everywhere I turn in the media I see attempts to turn this horrendous crime against Christianity into a mere "prank." Every news outlet from Fox to CNN has reported this as a teenage "prank." Let's get something straight here: rolling a house with toilet paper is a prank, torching nine churches is NOT a prank.

The War against Christianity is raging across this nation like an Alabama Church Fire. Some want to minimize this war, others want to explain it away. I will do neither. We must understand the times and we must have the courage to look at the facts and respond accordingly. I hope you can join us at the "War on Christianity" Conference where we will discuss these issues in depth and will help you defeat this War against all that we hold dear.

No argument is necessary to reveal the absurdity.

(Hat tip to Dispatches from the Culture Wars, which has some excellent commentary).