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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where to Start

With the title to this article: "Beer girls, racy video, $50,000 jolt rock-paper-scissors world?"

With the fact that there is a rock-paper-scissors world?

With the fact that there is an organized league, headquartered in Canada?

Or that it was founded "a decade ago by two brothers who set out to bring decorum to the child's hand game?"

Or that the rival U.S. league is "enticing members with Bud Light girls, a racy Web video and a $50,000 prize?"

Or that the original Canadian group thinks the U.S. group is cheapening "the grand sport of rock-paper-scissors?"

Or that the U.S. group calls the Canadian group "highbrow and intellectual?"

I don't know. Go read the whole thing, it only gets better.