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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

An Addendum

To my last post. In my list of popular reasons for getting rid of immigrants, I failed to include the fact that the Hispanic ones are "reconquistadors."

Yes, there are people in this state who think the goal of Mexican immigrants is "the re-conquest of the southwestern United States." In fact, they have already "landed troops in large numbers, and are continuing to land them. Already, as we see here, they are causing terrible trouble. And unless interdicted will cause more and more trouble as time moves on."

The whole thing is here. Be sure to read the responses. I really can't comment on it. No arguments could dissuade someone who agrees with it. And the rest of us will just read it and laugh.

Btw, the article also illustrates why you should never use a twenty five cent word where a nickel word will do. Is the author suggesting that barring immigrants from the sacraments will prevent the reconquest? If not, why not just say "unless stopped?"