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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Clone Wars Heat Up

I spoke too soon. With thanks both to Kathy at Birmigham Blues, and the Decatur Daily we see that Justice Woodall is going on the offensive.

On his opponent in the Republican primary for state supreme court justice:

"It irritates me that nobody respectable will run against me in the primaries . . . . Instead, I get one of Tom Parker's flunkies running against me."

On Mini-Moore's infamous editorial bashing the other justices for following a Supreme Court precedent:

"I think I was the only (justice) who actually called Parker to cuss him out, but we all were mad . . . . It was cowardly and deceitful, and a whole lot of other words that I guess I won't say here."

On Mini-Moore's work output:

"He doesn't handle his cases; he just lets them pile up . . . . He's apparently so busy conspiring against the rest of the court that he doesn't have time to be a judge."

On the original Moore:

"Roy never had much interest in the law. I'd say he has an average legal mind. He's got enough of a legal mind to know that a lot of what he says (on the relationship between state and federal courts and on the separation of church and state) isn't true . . . . I sometimes think (Moore) has said it so much he's starting to believe it, but it's all gibberish. . . . I think everything Roy's done since the first camera was in his face was for political reasons. But I still have a lot more respect for Roy than I do for Parker."

On what would happen if Moore and the clones win their elections:

"I think it would set the state back 40 or 50 years, especially if Moore becomes governor."

On his own campaign, which he initially advertised as conservative:

"I had always thought following the law was conservative, but apparently not . . . . Following the law is moderate, I'm told. So I was going to put 'moderate' on the brochure, but I figured then people would think that meant I was a liberal. So finally I just said my philosophy was one of fairness."

Is this the spark of controversy needed by Roy and the clones? Or is it evidence of their insignificance? Only time will tell.