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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Clone Wars

Two updates today.

First, Roy has yet another conspiracy for us. This time he is accusing Riley of bribing two businessmen.

Moore referred to Riley's decision in 2005 to invest $50 million from the state in Huntsville's Hudson-Alpha Institute for Biotechnology. The creators of the institute, James R. Hudson, founder of Research Genetics, and Lonnie McMillian, co-founder of Adtran Corp., have pledged $80 million in private investment for a biotech research initiative.

Early this year, Riley reported a $300,000 contribution from Alabamians for Biotechnology, a political action committee formed by the businessmen.

"That was quid pro quo," Moore said, defining the term for the audience as "something for something."

Maybe it was, but who has time to investigate it? We are already busy with Dubya's secret efforts to support Riley, the anti-christian federal judiciary, the corrupt pollsters, and the mad cows.

Second, Mini-Moore is no longer facing an ethics complaint. He was charged with violating the canons of judicial ethics by writing a news editorial in which he insulted his fellow justices and declared himself above the law. He certainly acted unethically, as I explained here. However, the commission made the right decision in dismissing the complaint. The First Amendment gives Mini-Moore the right to be a jerk, just like it gives you and I have the right to be jerks. You could make an argument that when he wrote the editorial, he was speaking for the court, and so has much less First Amendment protection. However, I think the substance of the editorial, and the fact that he did not participate in the case he criticized defeats that claim. But that his speech is protected does not mean it was anything other than ridiculous.

I think this hurts his campaign more than helps it. His entire message is "Help me fight the evil-doers." This is one less enemy to battle; one less opportunity to play the valiant cultural warrior.