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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Company You Keep

Yesterday, Roy, Mini-Moore, and the Clones picked up endorsements from the Alabama Republican Assembly. Among other principles, some praiseworthy, the ARA is guided by this belief:

Conservatism without a moral anchor is baseless and void. We assert that God's Law, as recorded in the Holy Scriptures, is supreme in our land. Our laws and our system of justice must demonstrate a reverence for Divine Law in the Public Forum, without prejudice to any single denomination.

You can interpret this in several ways. It could say the Bible ought to be the law of the land. Or, it could say that our laws must accord with the Bible. Or, it could say we need to have a ten commandments monument.

I'll admit the third is relatively innocuous, but that the statement is susceptible to the first two readings is reason enough for me to reject it. By way of comparison, Afghanistan's constitution says “no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of Islam.” Afghanistan, you know, is the place where they execute converts to Christianity.

Sure, the ARA throws in the 'without prejudice' language, but so did Afghanistan. Also, it says 'denomination.' In other words, different forms of Christian belief are allowed. What about everyone else? Are we supposed to execute them?

Now I am not saying this proves the Moore-ons want to establish a theocracy. All it proves is that some expressly theocratic folks think the Moore-ons are sympathetic to the cause. That alone is enough to scare me. I do not want any officials to even appear to endorse this type of thinking.