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Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Had A Good Laugh

Today when I road across the Cahaba Beach Road bridge over the Cahaba River. Posted on the northern side of the bridge was a sign saying 'No Swimming. Public Water Supply.'

I laughed because while I read this, a group of boy scouts (vel sim) was about to launch a canoe trip from directly below the bridge.

I laughed again, because this was the Cahaba River. If you are from B'ham, you know that over the last fifteen years: Development upon development has been approved in the river's watershead; the JeffCo Commission tried to build a 'super sewer' along the river that would have crossed it numerous times; JeffCo's current sewer system routinely leaks into the Cahaba and its tributaries. So, we can drink all the oil, gas, pesticides, chemicals and sewage, but don't you dare dip your sweaty body into that river!