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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Just Finished Watching The Office

And I think my sides are going to hurt tomorrow from laughing so hard. Dwight, who we discover is a volunteer deputy with the Lackawana County Sheriff's department, finds half a joint in the company parking lot. He then dons his uniform and begins systematically interrogating his co-workers. He is excited because he has the opportunity to "fulfill every officer's dream: Solve an actual crime."

Unfortunately he has little luck. He has some leads. Oscar, for instance, has family in South America. So, reasons Dwight, he must be a mule. But no, Oscar has never "pooped a baloon." Dwight then asks Ryan for the keys to Ryan's car. Ryan says no. Dwight says they can do it the hard way, which is Dwight going to the police station and telling the cops with the cops then getting a warrant, returning, and demanding the keys. Ryan says, "O.K. lets do it that way." Dwight growls and moves on to the next target. Lesson to be learned? ALWAYS make them go get the warrant!

Questioning of the other employees is similarly fruitless. Dwight then invokes the company's drug policy - mandatory tests for everyone when drugs are found on the premises.

That gets Michael worried. He recently attended an Alicia Keys concert, and sat next to a girl with a lip ring. According to Michael, "they were passing a cigarette around. At least I thought it was a cigarette." So the rest of the episode is him trying to avoid the test. I won't spoil it, but it involves lectures on the danger of "smoking drugs" and coffee cups full of urine.

This is right up there with the Simpsons where Dr. Hibbard prescribes Homer medicinal marijuana.

Homer: "Otto spelled backwards is Otto."

Otto: "Yeah, and Shemp spelled backwards is hemp."

Homer "You're freakin' me out man."