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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I've Been Waiting All Day

For Roy Moore and the clones to respond to Justice Woodall's broadside. So far, not much.

Moore is preoccupied with the latest conspiracy against him.

Former state Chief Justice Roy Moore said President Bush visited Alabama Wednesday to try to stop Moore from winning the Republican primary election for governor. The presidential visit was a "political payback" for Gov. Bob Riley's blind support and an attempt to interfere in the upcoming election, a statement issued by Moore's campaign read.

Dubya joins mad cows, pollsters, and the federal judiciary as those who are out to get Roy Moore. Moore just doesn't have time for any new enemies.

As for Mini-Moore, the Montgomery Advertiser reports he:

had no immediate comment on Woodall's criticism of him but issued a statement defending Fowler, whom Woodall referred to as one of Parker's "flunkies." Fowler, a retired Air Force colonel, spent time as a prisoner of war defending Woodall's free-speech rights, Parker said.

"I'm sad Justice Woodall is using this precious right to disparage an American war hero," Parker said in the statement. He did not return phone calls seeking additional comment.

He probably did not return the calls because he was too busy scurrying around trying to figure out how Justice Woodall is connected to the ACLU. Or Satan.

As for the clones, well, clones are good for following orders, but not so much on original thoughts. I don't guess we will hear from them until the original and Mini-Moore come up with something.