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Thursday, April 13, 2006

This Makes Me Proud

From a New York Times article on the recent immigrant protests (h/t Wade On Birmingham):

leaders have taken heart in the breadth of the protests and their locations in places like Birmingham, Ala., and other parts of the South where Latino political awakening is occurring after more than a decade of surging Hispanic growth.

"About two weeks ago, we called a meeting in which we included the radio stations, members of the Catholic Church, the newspapers, the directors of the soccer leagues," said Sigfredo Rubio, 34, a student at Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, where a few thousand people protested Monday.

With "the first meeting of 15 people," Mr. Rubio said, "we had a connection with a couple of thousand, just through those groups."

"It just grew," he added.

Cumberland is a great school, but trust me when I say such activism among students is the exception, not the rule, at my alma mater.