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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Today is Palm Sunday

So I thought I would invite a guest blogger to give us a few words of inspiration. If all goes well, I may invite him again some time. He is the Reverend Rob Patertson, and this is his post.

Today, we have for our text Mark's version of our Lord's passion. It is a text rich in applications for the modern Christian struggling against the forces of darkness. We see, for instance, in the story of the woman who poured perfume on the Lord, that it displeases our Lord when any suggest diverting wealth towards those who have not worked hard enough to earn their own. No, instead of encouraging slothfulness, we should spend our money on public expressions of religious piety. Remember this when we collect the offering today! We could continue expositing the individual parts, but instead will focus on a truth drawn from the narrative as a whole.

We see that the zealous Christian can expect unjust persecution. Our Lord did no wrong, yet faced the angry power of the state. He spent his life doing nothing but good for the people around him, yet those same people abandoned him to death. Had any of his followers dared to aid Him during His trial, doubtless they would have faced the same fate. But they were not zealous, instead, like Peter, they all cowered in the dark. If they had stood bravely near their Master, they also would have suffered unjust persecution. Therefore, a Christian who is not persecuted is not a zealous Christian, and if a Christian is persecuted, we know that the persecution is unjust.

The application of these truths is almost too obvous for words. Nevertheless, I call to your minds two of our greatest Christian leaders. Two men who have unjustly suffered over the past few months. Two men who faithfully endure the ridicule and scorn heaped upon them by the enemies of God. I speak of George Bush and Tom DeLay. Now, the anti-Christs among us will say these men are different than Jesus, because these two men have acted unlawfully, dishonestly, and corruptly. Fools! These are men of God! Therefore, as already demonstrated, any persecution they face must be unjust. The only corruption is the so called laws that would prevent their crusades for righteousness. Let us now explain why.

George Bush was elected in large part by faithful Christians. Christians are the Church. The Church is the Body of Christ. George Bush, therefore, was elected by no less than Jesus Christ. When he acts, he acts for Jesus. God knows all your thoughts, so how can it be wrong for God's chosen leader to know the subject of your telephone calls? Do you have something to hide from God? If not, what harm is there in letting his chosen leader know what you are doing? As for the accusations that our President lied about leaking classified information, this is easily answered. Jesus once thanked God for witholding information from the wise, while granting it to the foolish. George Bush witheld information from the people of this country and only used it for his own purposes. He did as God has done, and used the truth for his own purposes. There was no sin here. Far from it, our President has acted in a Godly manner. Woe be unto his persecutors.

Tom Delay is being persecuted because he used money for the Lord's purposes. He ignored 'ethics' rules to further God's kingdom. He made sure God's candidates for office had all the finances they would need to succeed. Satan's minions were mad because they did not have the resources to compete. Thus, this persecution.

So, my on-line brothers and sisters, let us pray for our persecuted leaders. And let us apply these lessons to our own lives. Are we zealous? If so, we can know that we will be persecuted. If we are not persecuted, it is because we lack zeal. We also know those persecutions will be unjust. Let us seek persecution, then, for it shows we are zealous, and it can do us no true harm. Let us persevere, and one day we will enjoy the victory.