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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

An Update

To the previous post.

First, I said therein that Justice Scalia was an undignified jurist. I then found this article (via How Appealing), in which the author makes the same point, provides several examples, and concludes:

The irreconcilable right wing cares little for the dignity of the court. Conservative bloggers were openly contemptuous whenever they felt betrayed by the Rehnquist Court, and some seem poised to attack the newly arrived justices, Roberts and Samuel A. Alito Jr., at any sign of inconstancy. That’s politics perhaps. Scalia, however, is no politician, but a robe-wearing justice. The court — and the public it serves — deserve better.

Second, for an example of how webcasts of the oral arguments would look, check out New Jersey's Supreme Court.

If you want to watch one in particular, I recommend this one, in which the question was whether the state's constitution prohibits the state from denying marriage to gay couples. Watch it, try to block out all your ideas on the subject, listen to the arguments, and then ask yourself if either of those arguments is so obviously right that the only reason the other side could win is because the justices are god hating liberals, or gay bashing conservatives, whichever the case may be.