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Friday, May 12, 2006

Hey, Remember Earlier This Week

When the Minutemen came through B'ham to oppose illegal immigration? You remember how they assured us that they did not welcome racists? And how they were motivate by a desire to uphold the law?

Well guess what? John Gilchrist, the leader of the border patrolling militia, is on record saying South Dakota should ignore any court order striking down its anti-abortion law.

So he will make exceptions to the rule of law, just not for illegal immigrants. He says states should ignore the Supreme Court in order to protect what some would say is not even a human life. But there is no mercy for those nasty ol' immigrants, who come here to protect and support actual walking, talking, living-outside-the-womb humans.

Gilchrist may have a reason for his hardness of heart, but it is not concern for the rule of law.