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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Let Us Pretend

For just a minute that Democratic guber candidate Lucy Baxley will finally tell us why we should vote for her. In other words, she becomes a viable candidate, one that will cause otherwise apathetic Dems to go vote.

Given that fact scenario, my question is whether Roy Moore is going to sink Bob Riley even though Riley will dump Moore in the primary? This article brought the question to mind. Specifically, the attitude of these two Moore supporters:

At one point a young woman, Amanda Fowler of Pelham, burst into the middle of a Riley conversation and forced a Moore bumper sticker into his hands, saying, "This is my last one and I want you to have it." She then charged off as Riley tried to talk to her.

Shaking his head at the emotions, Riley at one point said, "Everybody just needs to chill out."

But Campbell, the Texan, didn't chill out. He called Riley unprincipled and said he didn't see how anyone would vote for him over Moore.

Thus far all the polls show that there are not enough of these folks to beat Riley. Further, with this attitude, Republicans though they be, it seems clear that after Moore loses they are not going to put the team first and vote for Riley in the actual election. Once Moore loses, these folks are done voting. If Baxley could come up with some reason, any reason, for Dems to go vote, would losing this portion of the Republican vote leave Riley vulnerable?