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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oh Snap!

Tonight was the season finale for My Name is Earl and for The Office. These shows are both great, and tonight did not disappoint.

I won't ruin it if you have not watched yet. Suffice it to say Earl had a real test of faith. And The Office, oh my, Jim, what is next? Not since "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" has a show ended on such a suspenseful note.

Really, I love both these shows. Dwight from the office and trailer park queen Joy from Earl are right up there with Homer Simpson and Ren Hoek in my list of greatest t.v. characters. Earl's theology may be ambiguous, but his determination is clear. And Michael from Dunder Mifflin, what can you say but bless his heart, which, as my mom would explain, is southern for 'you stupid idiot.'

Now we must endure the t.v. wasteland until the fall when our shows (and college football) return.