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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Best (And Worst) Thing About Elections

I watched the evening news tonight just so I could see the latest political ads. Mini-Moore and Justice Nabers do not disappoint. Particulary entertaining is the picture of Justice Nabers face on a hundred dollar bill. Though I guess we can't vote for either of them, seeing as how they are both flaming liberals. Big Luther and little George are likewise exchanging the "L" word. Troy King is making sure your kids are safe. And don't buy any cars from Jim Preuitt.

But I think my favorite is Don Siegelman's. I missed most of it because I laughed too hard at the first line, which went something like this: "The charges against me originated with Bob Riley's wife's sister's former roomate's ex-husband's cousin." I'd link to it so you could hear for yourself, but it is not on his website. So you'll have to trust me when I say this tops Roy Moore's mad cow as best conspiracy theory of the year.

Of course, this would all be much more funny if people did not actually make decisions based on these ads.