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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mr. Moore Goes To Washington

In spirit, at least:

A D.C.-based evangelical Christian group has a new idea for promoting the Ten Commandments: putting a monument to the stone tablets across the street from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Faith and Action says on its Web site that it plans to unveil the waist-high, 850-pound granite sculpture Saturday on the front lawn of the rowhouse on Second Street NE where the national group's offices are. But the group apparently doesn't have the approval it needs from at least two agencies, city officials and neighborhood activists said.

It's a historic neighborhood, with tight restrictions on what residents can and can not put in their yards. So they need a permit from the historical commission. The area is also a public space, so they need another permit to obstruct it.

This could be great if it ends up in court: Property rights and religious freedom v. incidental and neutral restrictions on land use. I can't wait.