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Friday, June 09, 2006

Relationships Are Built On Trust

And Blogger, I just can't trust you anymore.

You've let me down in the past, and I've always forgiven you. If not for you, I'd never have begun blogging in the first place. You introduced me to whole new worlds. You are simple, yet offer so much. You're a good service when you want to be, I really believe that.

But I never know when you are going to work. Lord knows I've given my all to this relationship, but you show up whenever you feel like it. I've always taken you back, but this week has been the last straw. I mean, how could you screw up on election day? You knew how important all those stories were for me. You let me down, and I don't think I can let you pick me up again.

Sure you are free, but that doesn't mean I have to go to Vegas to find your replacement. The web has plenty of other choices. So I think, at the least, we need some time apart. Next week I am going to blog from here.

Now this isn't only about us, the commentators and readers are what matters. We have to think about them. And really, I'm doing this for them. They need me to have a reliable blog service. They shouldn't have to wonder where their next post is coming from.

If I like the new blog, and if the readers approve, (they can let me know in your comments, or by e-mail, or else here) I'm gone and I'm taking them with me. We'll always miss you and the good times, but you can only blame yourself for this.