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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Will The Real Liberals Please Stand Up?

Lee and Politics in Alabama have already commented on Tom Parker's newest add, but I'm going to give you my two cents anyway.

First, I've heard "fundamentalist" defined as someone who thinks Billy Graham is a liberal. In the same way, Parker calling Justice Nabers a "Jimmy Carter style liberal" tells us way more about Mini-Moore than it does Nabers.

Two, not only does Mini-Moore call Nabers a liberal, but another add calls Mini-Moore a liberal:

The sleek flyer arriving in mailboxes throughout Alabama contains a provocative question and an even more provocative answer.

"What do these politicians have in common?" it asks, with pictures of Republican Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker and Democratic U.S. Sens. Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy.

Answer? "They are all bankrolled by liberal trial lawyers," according to the mailer, which was produced by the Alabama Civil Justice Reform Committee, a coalition of business groups formed to fight "lawsuit abuse."

You read it right: A vote for Tom Parker is a vote for Ted Kennedy.

All I can say in response is stop this madness, please. There are NO liberal candidates for the Alabama Supreme Court. They all despise Roe. They all love the death penalty. Their idea of 'foreign law' is a decision from Georgia. And if you think any one of these candidates would even consider interpreting our state constitution so as to require gay marriage, you need to start selling whatever it is you are smoking. The choice is not between liberal and conservative; it is between very conservative and very, very conservative.

I'll let you decide what that choice says about us.